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Diesel Blow Heater - Large

Diesel Blow Heater Large
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Product Specifications

Nett: 28KG
Tank Capacity
Important Safety Info
Must be operated outside or in a well ventilated area.
Heating Output
50KW210000 BTU P/H
Heating Capacity
Fuel Rate Litres Per/H
58 x 106 x 66cm

Diesel Blow Heater - Large

Product Description

Compact 20kw Heater recommended for areas of 1000m3 - 2000m3.

It produces an intense directional heat and can last approximately 12 hours on a full tank of diesel.

Great for events in large places as well as drying paint and building materials on construction sites.

Operate outside or in a well-ventilated area furthermore the fan does produce noise when operating, so our Radiant Diesel Heaters are a quieter option.

Additionally for safety, we recommend a Heater Guard - Hire separately. Requires power.

Pricing Information

Half Day
$73.60 incl GST.
Full Day
$92.00 incl GST.