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Dehumidifier 150L

Dehumidifier 150L
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Product Specifications

TTK 655s
Nett: 55KG
Room Size
Max Drying Capacity
150L /24 HRS
43 x 48 x 84cm
Construction Drying Rate

Dehumidifier 150L

Product Description

Powerful industrial dehumidifier used for removing moisture from the air and materials and also maintaining desired humidity levels.

Use Carpet Dryers in conjunction with dehumidifiers to speed up the process of drying carpets, furnishings and flooring from flooding.

While this unit will work efficiently to dry the environment in air temperatures as low as 8-10 degrees, dehumidification performance decreases at lower temperatures. We recommend heating in colder temperatures.

This Dehumidifier does not store water, instead it drains via a hose.

Pricing Information

Half Day
$96.60 incl GST.
Full Day
$120.75 incl GST.