Lawn Aerator - Small Lawns

Small Lawn Aerator Hire
Small Lawn Aerator Hire
Hire (ex GST)
Half Day =$64.00
Full Day =$80.00

Hire (inc GST)
Half Day =$73.60
Full Day =$92.00
  • Hire item available at our Christchurch branch, contact us for Central Lakes.
  • Long Term Hire — contact us for multi-day hire pricing.
  • Weekend Hire — Friday to Monday is 2x full day hire rate above.
  • Weekend Hire — Saturday to Monday is 1.5x full day hire rate above.
  • Half day and full day hire based on 4hrs & 24hrs (max 8 hrs use) respectively.

Stihl Lawn Aerator, used to perforate small lawns to improve supply of nutrients into grass roots. This small aearator is 20cm wide and suitable for small and soft lawn of approx 40m2 and under.  For larger lawns or if your grass is hard or heavily matted (ie hasnt been dethatched for a period of time) then we would strongly recommend our heavy duty Lawn Corer Aerator instead.

Refer small lawn dethatcher or heavy duty lawn dethatcher for alternative hire options.