Tool Hire

Tool Hire Christchurch

Tool Hire; view below for our range of quality tools available to hire including hammer drills, framing guns, nail guns, lasers and grinders.   The hire items listed below are available in Christchurch and please contact us for availability in Central Lakes. Pricing is for full day hire excluding GST, refer to each product for half day hire and GST inclusive pricing. 

Hammer Drill Hire
Hilti TE7, Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill 3kg.  Hire price includes two drill bits between 5 - 14..
Concrete Breaker Drill Hire
Hilti TE60, Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill and Breaker 6kg.  This tool can be used as a heavy rot..
Framing Gun Nailer
Gas Nailer Framing Gun Hilti GX 90-WF. Suits 90mm nails (adjustable 50mm to 90mm).  Suitable fo..
Gib Screw Gun
Hilti SD5000-A22 Cordless Collated Drywall Screwdriver, also known as a Wall Board Gib Screw Gun. Ba..
Powder Acutated Tool Hire
Hilti DX-2 Single Shot Powder Actuated Fastening Tool also known as a Ramset Gun.  This heavy d..
Ramset Gun Hire
Quality Magazine Loading Ramset Gun for Hire - Ramset SpitfireP390 C75.  This indirect powder a..
Grinder Hire Christchurch
High quality 5" / 125mm Hilti electric angle grinder, includes a diamond disc or cup. Weighing ..
Angle Grinder Hire
High quality Hilti electric angle grinder blade diameter with 60mm cutting depth. 2600w, weighs 5.4k..
Sabre Saw Hire Christchurch
Powerful 1500w Makita Sabre Saw, also known as a Recipro or Reciprocating Saw.  Ideal for cutti..
Circular Saws Hire Christchurch
Makita Cirular Saw 235mm Electric, also known as a Skill Saw. Suitable for cutting timber, refer Cor..
Cordless Circular Saw Hire
Cordless 18v Battery operated Makita Cirular Saw 165mm, suitable for cutting timber without power le..
Jig Saw Hire Christchurch
Makita Jig Saw - used to cut steel and/or timber and is particularly useful when a curved cut is nee..
Mitre Saw Hire Christchurch
Makita 260mm Mitre Saw, Electric. Also known as a Drop Saw.    Refer Compound Slide Mitre ..
Metal Cut Off Saw Hire
Metal Cut Off Saw Hire, Disc Sizeof 355mm.  Includes safety guard, quick clamp and release to h..
Brick Saw Hire
Brick Saw 350mm, hire includes blade and 1mm use. Husqvana TS350E universal masonry table saw with h..