Portaloo Toilets on Trailer (quad)

Trailer Toilet Flushing
Trailer Toilet Flushing
Trailer Toilet Flushing
Hire (ex GST)
Full Day =$570.00

Hire (inc GST)
Full Day =$655.50
  • Event & Trailer Toilet pricing applies for 1-7 days hire (same price).
  • Building site toilets are hired on a per month basis (28 days).
  • Contact us for package pricing on portaloo and fence hire.

This toilet trailer is available to hire in Christchurch only and includes four flushing portaloo event toilets.     HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE - to transport these toilets when full / after use, requires a DG endorsement on your drivers license.  It is legal to transport these toilets empty (ie to your event) but unless you have or know someone with a DG endorsment then we will need to collect and/or empty the toilets after the event.  Please contact us for the additional charges.

Refer to two portaloos on trailer or luxury loos for alternative hire options for weddings and events.