Shipping Containers

Hire King has shipping containers available for hire in Christchurch, a city providing a perfect example of the practicality of shipping containers – they can be found on almost every corner being used for multiple purposes.Container Hire

Avoid the hassle and expense of buying and hire a shipping container for an easy, cost effective way to temporarily store goods and materials.  Shipping container hire is a great solution for Christchurch businesses with limited space on construction sites and for personal storage while repairs or alterations, earthquake related or otherwise, are being completed on your home.

Shipping Container Hire Christchurch

If you require shipping container hire in Christchurch for temporary storage, Hire King can offer both 10ft and 20ft secure lockable containers with double doors. These containers provide a safe, lockable storage alternative that is delivered to your site and ready to use.

Shipping containers are available for short or long term hire and will be delivered to your required location. Our shipping containers are perfect for both commercial and personal use when you are faced with minimal or decreased storage space.

Shipping Containers Christchurch
Shipping Container Hire Christchurch
Container Hire Christchurch
HireKING Container Hire Christchurch


Contact HireKING today for shipping containers and general hire equipment. We offer great pricing and packages to building sites so if you are looking for portaloo toilet hire, fencing, containers and general hire equipment then contact our friendly team today.   All equipment is delivered to sites in Christchurch and Canterbury.