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Spring Pruning Bundle

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Spring Pruning Bundle

Product Description

Get your garden ready this spring with our Spring Pruning Bundle. This bundle simplifies your spring pruning tasks. It includes a versatile pole saw pruner for high branches and a precise hedge trimmer for bushes. The result? A polished outdoor space. Plus, we've got a sturdy wheelbarrow for easy cleanup. Say goodbye to messy yards and overgrown branches and welcome a well-maintained garden. For your safety, we can provide all the necessary gear with the bundle. If you need it, we even offer a trailer to make your garden pruning jobs more convenient! Check out these individual products:

  • Pole Saw Pruner: Reach high branches effortlessly with this tool. Our Stihl Chainsaw Pole Pruner features a long reach 12" chainsaw bar, ideal for high branch cutting. Weighing 7.2 kg, it handles wood diameters up to 40 cm.
  • Hedge Trimmer: This Stihl hedge trimmer, weighing only 5.7 kg, comes with 75cm cutting blades, perfect for hedges and shrubs in your garden.
If you need something more powerful than the Pole Saw Pruner, explore our complete range of chainsaw options here: Chainsaw Options. Elevate your spring pruning game with our Spring Pruning Bundle and the reliable Stihl tools we offer. Your garden will thank you!

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Half Day
$147.20 incl GST.
Full Day
$184.00 incl GST.