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Spring Lawn Bundle

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Spring Lawn Bundle

Product Description

Get your lawn in top-notch shape this spring with our Spring Lawn Bundle, thoughtfully designed to rejuvenate your outdoor space. This comprehensive bundle includes essential tools to elevate your lawn care routine, ensuring a lush, green, and healthy lawn.

Lawn Aerator/Corer:

Is a standout feature of this bundle. It perforates soil with small holes, allowing water and fertilizers to penetrate deep into the roots of your lawn. Regular aeration improves soil compaction and promotes healthy grass growth, resulting in a more resilient and vibrant lawn. We recommend aerating your lawn once a year, either in spring or autumn, to maximize its quality.


This handy tool features fixed knife blades that efficiently remove dead thatch from your lawn, enhancing water absorption and facilitating grass rejuvenation. With this comprehensive bundle, you'll have everything you need to transform your lawn into a lush paradise. Invest in the health and beauty of your lawn this spring with our Spring Lawn Bundle. Your vibrant and thriving lawn awaits!  

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$147.20 incl GST.
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$184.00 incl GST.