Lawn Care Equipment

Lawn Care Equipment Hire

Lawn Care Equipment Hire Christchurch.  Quality lawnmowers, dethatchers and corers available to hire, refer below for information and pricing.  A lawn dethatcher is also known as a lawn scarifier or power rake, will remove dead roots and matting from underneath your lawn.  It is recommended to dethatch or scarify your lawn once a year, either in spring on autumn.  A corer, also known as an aerator, will penetrate holes in the ground to allow nutrients to feed into the lawn's roots.   The hire items listed below are available in Christchurch (not Queenstown at present, sorry) and pricing is for full day hire, excluding GST.  Refer to each product for half day hire or GST inclusive pricing and contact us for long term hire rates.

Small Lawn Dethatcher
Stihl Lawn Dethatcher / Scarifier, used for removing moss and matted growth from small and soft lawn..
Lawn Dethatcher Hire
Heavy Duty 18" Lawn Dethatcher for Hire also known as a Lawn Scarifier or Power Rake. Used to d..
Small Lawn Aerator Hire
Stihl Lawn Aerator, used to perforate small lawns to improve supply of nutrients into grass roots. T..
Lawn Aerator Corer Hire
Heavy duty Lawn Aerator / Lawn Corer, Husqvana AR19. Used to perforate the soil with small holes to ..
Lawn Mower Hire Christchurch
Lawn Mower 18" (46cm) - Quality Lawnmaster Estate Lawnmower for Hire, suitable for small to med..
Leaf Blower Vacuum Sucker
Leaf Blower and Vacuum Sucker, Stihl SH56 Petrol 27cc.  Quality leaf blowers and lawn & gar..
Leaf Blower Hire Christchurch
Leaf Blower - Stihl BG56 Petrol 27cc.  Quality leaf blowers and lawn & garden equipment for..
Soil Cultivator Hire Christchurch
Small soil cultivator, used recultivate and loosen softened soil that has already been broken in.&nb..
Lawn Roller Hire Christchurch
Water Filled Lawn Roller - 50cm working width.  Weighs 21kg empty and 48kg when filled with wat..
Broom Hire Christchurch
Quality Stihl Petrol Powered Bistle Broom for Hire.  Ideal for sweeping road surfaces, pathways..
Broom Hire Christchurch
Quality Stihl Petrol Powered Paddle Broom for Hire.  Ideal for sweeping footpaths, driveways an..
Wheelbarrow Hire Christchurch
Heavy Duty Industrial Wheelbarrow for Hire - ideal for concrete work or landscaping. For alternat..
Battery Powered Wheelbarrow Hire
Battery powered wheel barrow 48v capable of carrying up to 160 kg.  No more pushing heavy loads..
Powered Wheelbarrow Hire
4WD Powered Wheel Barrow & Mini Dumper, ideal for landscaping and building sites.  Easy to ..