Compaction Equipment Hire

Compaction Equipment for hire in including Plate Compactors and Reversible Compactors and Pedestrian Rollers.  Our engine-powered vibratory plate compactors are suitable for asphalt, cobblestone or soil compaction. Easy to use, we offer a range of plate compactors with varying operating weights to suit your individual requirements.  The hire items listed below are available in Christchurch and please contact us for availability in Central Lakes. Pricing is for full day hire excluding GST, refer to each product for half day hire and GST inclusive pricing. 

Plate Compactor Hire
Great choice for high production jobs. These compactors easily compact sand, gravel, ..
Plate Compactor Hire
Plate Compactor for Hire, weight is 50kg. Total Size (L x W x H) is 850mm x 295mm x 820mm and Plate ..
Plate Compactors Hire
Plate Compactor for Hire, weight is 82kg. Total Size (L x W x H) is 920mm x 400mm x 850mm and Plate ..
large Plate Compactor Hire
200kg Reversible Plate Compactor with 35kn Centrifugal Force.  Hire price includes a compa..
Reversible Compactor Hire
360kg Reversible Plate Compactor with 45kn Centrifugal Force and Frequency 4400vpm. Hire price ..
Reversible Plate Compactor Hire
420kg Reversible Plate Compactor with a massive 55kn Centrifugal Force and Frequency 4400vpm. H..
Trench Rammer Hire
Tamper Rammer, weight 70kg.  Total Size (L x W x H) is 700mm x 430mm x 1100mm and Plate Size (L..
Pedestrian Roller Hire
TRACGRIP TG45, walk behind vibrating pedestrian roller. 430kg bevelled edge, ideal for compacti..