Fence Hire

There is an increasingly high demand for fencing on construction sites in Christchurch and Queenstown/Wanaka.  Hire King can provide temporary fence hire to assist companies in Christchurch and Central Lakes, we can assure you that our high quality fencing will suit your individual needs and help to keep the overall cost incurred throughout the construction period to a minimum. 

Fence Hire Christchurch
Temporary Fence Hire Christchurch & Queensotwn

Temporary Fence Hire

Construction sites require fencing which can be easily erected and taken down. These are requirements fulfilled by Hire King’s high quality temporary fencing for hire in Christchurch.

Our temporary fencing is 2.1m high and comes in 2.5m sections, allowing you to surround your construction site or section appropriately, whatever the area you are fencing off. Fencing sections are weighed down with high quality plastic feet filled with concrete.  Our fence feet weigh approx 30kg each and we also offer brace support bars to ensure your fence will remain standing during strong winds.

High Quality Temporary Fencing

Our temporary fencing is high quality  and is therefore suitable for building sites, construction zones and for events. If you are after fence hire then contact HireKING today, we offer fantastic pricing especially when hiring fencing with one of our portaloo toilets.